Many Canadians participate in the Crusades to atone for their sins

Based on the context of the paragraph, which option BEST expresses the meaning of the word "crusader"?

The correct option that BEST expresses the meaning of the word "crusader" is C: one who advances the cross.

Explaining the Meaning of "Crusader"

The paragraph discusses how Christians participating in the Crusades wore a blood-red cross on their tunics as a symbol of going on a Crusade. This symbol represented their commitment to advancing the cross and carrying out the mission of the Crusades. A Crusader is defined as: A person who is actively involved in a religious war or a holy expedition. In the context of the Crusades, a "crusader" is someone who advances the cross both literally, by wearing it on their clothing, and figuratively, by participating in the military campaigns aimed at reclaiming holy lands. The term "crusader" carries connotations of duty, faith, and dedication to a cause. It signifies someone who is willing to fight, sacrifice, and endure hardships for the sake of their religious beliefs and the goals of the Crusades. Therefore, option C – one who advances the cross – is the most accurate way to express the meaning of the word "crusader" in the context of the paragraph.
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