Great that you’ve found me, and pleased to meet you here too.

Before we get any further acquainted, I have a small confession to make: this website no longer is my primary focus. I have grown and moved on, as one does in life, to a website that actually carries my name: paulinesiebers.com

There, you will see more recent updates of my life’s unravelings, as well as my current offer as Social Media Shaman.


Why do I keep this blog and website?

For the moment, I am holding on to it because it’s my track record. The archives contain proof of my blogging experience (starting back in 2012) — proof of my life endurances too, for that matter.

However much I love to clean out my closet(s), this one will remain as it is. Probably until my next transformation.


These are my life’s recordings from 2012 onward. A lot has happened, and I am grateful to myself for making note of it all.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to do something with these articles too. Enjoy!