Chy' Anne's Rectangular Garden Tasks

Tasks in Chy' Anne's Rectangular Garden

Chy' Anne's rectangular garden is 10.67 meters long and 2.26 meters wide. To create a boundary or border around her garden, Chy' Anne is planning to fence the perimeter. Fencing the perimeter involves installing a fence or barrier around the outer edges of the garden to define the space and protect it from animals or unwanted intrusions.

Adding a circular fountain: This task involves installing a decorative fountain in a circular shape within the garden. While adding a fountain can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the garden, it is not mentioned as one of the tasks Chy' Anne is currently doing.

Planting flowers: Planting flowers is a common gardening task that involves adding various types of flowers to the garden for beauty and fragrance. While planting flowers can be a part of garden maintenance, it is not the primary task Chy' Anne is focusing on.

Installing a sprinkler system: Installing a sprinkler system is a way to efficiently water the garden by using automated sprinklers. While this task can help maintain the garden's health and vitality, Chy' Anne is currently focused on a different task for her garden.

Fencing the perimeter: Fencing the perimeter is the most relevant task for Chy' Anne's current project. By installing a fence around the garden, she can create a clear boundary and protect her plants from external threats.

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