Hey you! In case you’re curious to see more of / about me, this page features some of the videos I have recorded and published myself. Mostly in a random order, because I believe the message carries more weight than the timing.

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The Subtle Art Of A Spiritual Story

I'm Alive!

If you’ve spoken to me lately, you may have heard me say “I’ll live”, or “I’m still alive!”. Often.

You may have found it catchy (#illlive? Or too many l’s in a row?). You may have found it annoying (I can see that you’re alive, you’re right here!).

The point is, I’ve never felt so alive.

Heart to Heartbreak

My heart to heart with you…about heartbreak.

The Art Of Holding On To The Past - 1

Do you recognize reliving certain moments…moments where you said/did something you now wish you’d done differently? This holding on to the past, well, I have some experience in that area too!

The Art Of Holding On To The Past - 2

The list you have been waiting for! My 6 tips of how I deal with trying to change the past…when it’s actually better for me to let go (which is what I do, eventually).