My story is about abundance and trust. Abundance in miracles (big and small), and in beautiful moments. Trust in that I am fulfilling my purpose.

Ever since my burn-out, in 2012, I have been struggling with finding my purpose and surviving financially. Finally, it dawned on me that dealing with this financial challenge is part of my story. So, I’ve started to share – in blogs and workshops – how I deal with my situation on a daily basis, and how it has led me to experience many miracles.

So far, my favorite talk is the TED Talk I have done at TEDxDHBWMannheim. As the theme of that TEDx was “perception”, it matched perfectly with my view on daily miracles. All in all, that TED Talk turned out to be a miraculous experience!

Coaching women to be mindful on social media started as a passion, and turned into Conscious Connection: a centre where classes are given on how to add more consciousness to daily situations so that happiness becomes part of everyday life – rather than exceptional to it. Although this centre doesn’t physically exist yet, it is part of my purpose. I live the classes that will be given there.

For example, as I plan to start this centre in the South of France, I have spent two months (July-August, 2016) in that area to do research. I didn’t have money to pay for my residence, and I had no idea where I would stay. It all worked out though, and those two months were a time of daily miracles.