Conjunction: Black Friday during Full Moon in Mercury Retrograde

Finally, I get to use the word “conjunction” in a blog post! You see, a conjunction is a moment where several elements — such as astronomical bodies in the sky — cross each other’s paths. Today, the conjunction occurs between Black Friday, a Full Moon and Mercury’s retrograde.


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Black Friday has never really drawn my attention until, ironically enough, I moved to France. All of a sudden, for the past two weeks, Black Friday is all I see. I call this irony because the French are not known for their appreciation of the English language (just ask these guys), let alone for copying anything that’s anglophone. Yet, they seem to love Black Friday.


One might change her mind about shopping on Black Friday when looking at the origins of this day: from a conspiracy by two Wall Street financiers, to drive up prices during the financial crisis in1869, to the police force of Philadelphia’s chaos on that day in the 1960s, and its reinvention to a more positive connotation (for retailers) in the 1980s. has an interesting description of Black Friday’s…uhm…history.


As if these stories aren’t peculiar enough already, there’s the conjunction with today’s Full Moon as well as the current retrograde of Mercury.


Objectively speaking, these elements have nothing to do with each other. It’s a human invention versus two astronomical occurrences that are unrelated.


Subjectively speaking, one could argue that these elements are influencing each other — making this a particularly interesting day!


Today’s Full Moon is in Gemini, known to be a curious (or fickle for some) zodiac sign, and most astrology experts warn for recklessness and tendencies to angry reactions (for instance here and here). So you might be extra mindful about that shopping spur, as well as with whomever you pick a fight over that last red sweater in your size. In any case, an extra portion of awareness won’t hurt, as Tanaaz explains that much may come up during this Full Moon:


“There is strong illumination energy around this Full Moon too, and it’s likely some new truths are going to come to the surface. These truths may be painful, or they may be hard to swallow at first, but it is necessary for them to be revealed to us now.

These new truths may require us to release and let go of things we once believed to be true, they may also require us to pivot and change our direction.

There may be challenges that arise with this as there are some tense and harsh aspects around this Full Moon, but if you trust what unfolds and keep steady in your heart, you will be guided forward.”


On top of that, last November 16th, Mercury has gone retrograde. As this is the planet that mostly rules communication, this period is also known to cause quite some miscommunications. Susan Miller has written an extensive and informative article about Mercury’s influences on Thus, with regards to Black Friday..:


“Mercury also rules trade and commerce, so don’t buy or sell anything expensive during its retrograde phases. Often you will find that the item you want is out of stock. If you do buy something expensive, such as a car, computer, or jewelry, for example, you may regret your purchase later. If you are buying or selling a house, expect problems, errors, delays, and setbacks to arise. The only times you can buy something expensive during a retrograde period are if you are returning something you already bought.”




However, there’s a flip side to everything, and that includes the gloominess that seems to result from Mercury’s retrograde too. In Susan Miller’s words:


“Mercury rules anything that begins with “re”: redo, reassess, repair, repeat, redesign, or revisit. It’s always human nature to want to hear that new opportunities are coming our way, but we really do need to focus on the quality of our work and improve it to the best it can be. Often this is a better use of our time than continually chasing the newest idea. Mercury retrograde allows you to be thorough and to perfect your performance.”


What a coincidence (is it?) that the phenomenon of Black Friday has created a flip side too, “Green Friday”, and that this movement is all about REPAIR!


As HuffPost describes it:


“Why not learn how to make something new or how to fix the stuff you already own?

Greenpeace puts on an annual campaign called MAKE SMTHNG, which runs from Black Friday until Dec. 2 in cities across 28 countries. It’s a global festival encouraging people to create not consume by helping them repair, upcycle, share and reuse. It includes events covering everything from mending clothes and building toys to making your own cleaning products and growing your own food.”


So, there you have it: today’s conjunction of Black Friday, the Full Moon and Mercury’s retrograde. It’s just a thought, a mere story at that, and I find it a fascinating one!



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