From Paris With Love

Yes, I am in Paris! The city of love, of romance, of lights, and…of mother-daughter trips.

So, whereas last week’s lack of a post was caused by a technical challenge (no WiFi + messy mind = no post online), this week I am enjoying a few days of reconnection with my mum.


[Okay, so I was in Paris. Due to even more technical challenges this post didn’t get published the day I had planned for it. Oh well, it’s online now :-)]


I do not wish to leave you uninspired though, my dear reader, so I invite you to have a look at the following link. It’s a blog post called “The One Rule for Life”, which should warn you that it’s not the lightest of readings (wink!). But it might just be the kind of food for thought you’ve been craving for:


“The One Rule for Life” by Mark Manson


Wishing you a wonderful week!

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