The ONE Thought That Will Lighten Your Life

At a very young age, we learn that being an adult means being serious most of the time, worry a lot, and get peeved about the smallest things. Think about it: how did you look at your parents, teachers, elders when you were young (up until the age of 10)? Didn’t you sometimes wish you never had to grow up and become that way? I know I did.


And so, I granted my own wish.


For the longest time, I took life very seriously, made sure I worried often and created big issues to worry about too. My perfectionism and already high levels of anxiety were a match made in heaven that would lead up to the unavoidable burn-out.


After having hit rock bottom, I saw the light. No, not literally. No, not in one instance. Little by little, I started to see the bigger picture. And it was in seeing the bigger picture that life became so much lighter. What’s the bigger picture you ask?


That there is a force much greater than you and me that drives everything forward into more expansion. Call it the Universe, God, Creator, Spirit, Source – anything that starts with a capital letter because it just cannot BUT deserve our respect.


Are you behind on your payments? How unfortunate. Have you tried aligning all the planets and stars in our Milky Way for even a millisecond? No? What if you were behind in that, now THAT would create a problem, wouldn’t it?


I am not belittling your current issues, I am putting them into perspective. That force that gets all those planets and stars aligned, that makes sure there is such a thing called Life, don’t you think it can assist you with your payments as well? Trust me, it’s not too busy. It’s omnipresent, it can handle your issues as well as mine, and still make all the stars align.




Well, basically, every thought that is connected to a strong feeling is an order for this force. Not an order like in the army, but a desire that it wishes to grant you. You see, this force loves you unconditionally. All it wants is for you to be happy. Truly. So it listens to your strong desires and then assists you in fulfilling them.


However, it doesn’t know the difference between a strong feeling attached to something you do NOT want to happen, and the feeling that you DO want something to happen. We communicate with this force through our (strong) feelings, and only we human beings assign labels to those: good, bad, ugly, pretty, wanted, unwanted, etc. For this force, though, there is only our feelings to communicate and listen to – without judgment.


The thing is, next to not being aware what kind of messages we send out to this loving force, we also think we need to fix everything ourselves. Humans grow miraculously from a fertilized egg into an all-set-to-go baby. We don’t have to do anything for that, all it takes is 9 months of patience and leaving it up to the force of Life. Then, the moment the child is born, we say “Thank you force, we’ll take it over from here”. We somehow tend to think Life’s service contract stops after giving birth to a miracle.


A dear friend reminded me of this as well the other day. She said:


“On the one hand we constantly look for love and security in our lives through relationships, money, and what they get us. And on the other hand, we have a hard time trusting the people and items to whom we’ve assigned this love and security to. We wish to see proof first, and will trust only then. Maybe. If the proof is convincing enough.”


Proof first, and then maybe conjure up the faith that there is a force, bigger than us, loving us already. Providing us with all the security we need – if only we’d stop trying to fix it all ourselves.


Are you starting to understand where I am getting at? How about we have another look at that service contract?


The contract that states it’s connected to your Soul, the part of you that was already there before you were born, and will continue to exist after you die.

The contract that states your Soul came into this life to expand and learn again.

The contract that states your being alive is your purpose. Breathe, that’s all there is to it.


To me, all of the above makes Life a whole lot lighter. It means that I do not have to figure out those overdue payments all by myself. I can get in touch with that force that has always taken care of me – whether I was of aware of it or not – and trust that it will do so now too. The challenge lies in the trusting part. Again: a force that takes care of every molecule in our universe can also take care of some payments. But only if I ask it to do so. That is why we were given free will: there is no intervention unless we ask for it. How else would we learn those life lessons? If you ask me, “all” those lessons can really be boiled down to one: TRUST that there is a loving force that guides us, and learn how to co-create with it.


The ONE thought that will lighten your life?


It’s the thought that is accompanied by a feeling of love. It’s the thought that is so simple, and yet so all-encompassing, that fear feels light years away.


I don’t know what thought does that for you, because it’s a unique thought for every one of us. You’ll know it once it’s there though – trust me, you will know.





I started blogging mainly because of my interest in organizational cultures and (online) communications. Over the years it has become my passion to help professionals and entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more miraculous lives.

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