My Healing Is Yours Too

I wake up to an empty beach, which seems to be part of a tropical island.


I realize I have a choice: to figure out what to eat in this new environment or to live on Prana — Life’s breath. I choose the latter.


“Breath is the sustaining life force. It is the living essence of all things. The brain can shut down, limbs can be lost, sight can grow dark, and still, the human body can survive. But to cease the breath is to end physical life as we know it.

Breatharianism holds that breath is not only the essence of life, but contains all life-sustaining elements necessary for man to live in complete health, peace and harmony with the planet. To nourish the body with prana (life-giving breath) is to be set free.”

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Out of parts of trees as well as thick bamboo canes, I’ve built a hut for myself. As I lay down on my bed of coconut tree leaves, I suddenly become aware of all the insects, and the variety of small creatures that are buzzing, humming and crawling around me.


I may be living on Prana now, but a big part of me still sees these animals more as “creepy crawlers” than as the miraculous manifestations of Mother Nature they are.


So a huge internal battle follows. I really don’t like being surrounded by all these thin, and often multi-legged, bouncy, rustly creatures. At the same time, I realize I am in their territory now, and though it feels to me like they are invading my “home”, the reality is the other way around. I become aware that my anxiety over these “creepy crawlers” has nothing to do with the animals themselves. This is all me, and my doing. This awareness makes me surrender to the situation. I sigh, and decide that I am not going to resist anymore. Whatever happens, happens. We are all children of the same Universe.


I hear a different sound, a lower one, and as I look up a black panther enters the improvised doorway.


I sigh again. Great, as if the bugs weren’t enough of a challenge. By now, though, I have no internal battles left. I turn to lay with my stomach on the bed, and as I do, two things follow: firstly, the black panther jumps up on the bed and lays down next to me, keeping his head up with a watchful gaze; secondly, the tarantula that has been eying me all along now jumps on my back. I’ve given it my okay, so the big black spider walks up to the middle of my spine and bites me. As its venom enters my body, I know it is up to me now. Any allergic reaction, or hallucination, is for me to transmute into a healing. And so, that is what I do.




The ocean I am swimming in, is as clear as the sky and feels refreshing, yet comfortably warm as well.


I can still see the beach behind me, but have lost touch with the sandy floor below. A jellyfish appears next to me, and another one, and another one, and soon I am surrounded by them. I am now swimming in a sea of see-through bulbs with small pink lights inside them, and my legs are knowingly part of a forest of long flowing tentacles. Again, I feel no fear, and I give in to this curious encounter. Of all the tentacles that could have touched me, only one of them does and its sting causes a sensation of both numbness and intense pain to rise up from my legs to my neck. I am pushed ashore, and as I lay on the sand, unable to move, I realize the assignment is the same. I may die if I wish to, but I can heal myself too. And so I do.




I am being picked up by a humongous dark grey cargo ship.


As I come aboard, the first thing they are trying to do is to force-feed me, and I instantly remember what a “normal” human life looks like. I politely refuse, and notice it takes more strength to remain calm among my own kind than it took when I was still surrounded by animals only. Once I am centered enough to sense my intuition, I feel the need to go down to the hull. The sailors hesitantly take me down, and I stand in front of a big cage, inhabited by an angry tiger. I immediately sit down in front of the growling tiger, who has the tendency to attack me, but is then overcome by the realization that this human in front of him is actually there to help. It doesn’t take long to calm him down, and it feels great to be connected with an animal again. There’s one more thing to do, though, and I ask the crew to take me to the sick bay.


A seriously ill woman is lying on the narrow bed in the already cramped cabin.


I don’t have much medical knowledge to make a precise diagnosis, but I don’t have to. I ask for a needle and a tube, and I tap some blood out of my own vein. Nextly, I give this to the patient and tell her to drink it. Everyone around me raises an eyebrow and I can feel their tendency to interrupt, but I suppose their curiosity about what will happen next withholds them for the moment. I have been living on Prana, I have been stung twice, and I am more alive and healthy than most people around me. To me, it feels natural that since I have healed myself, my blood has now become a cure. And it is. The woman recovers quickly.




I open my eyes. I have just experienced a very vivid vision.


You can perceive this vision in a spiritual way, you can take a psychological standpoint or you can discard it as a figment of my imagination. Whichever you prefer, I am sure you’ll agree there’s a message there.


The message I take out of it, is that I have been stung in the past and I will be stung in the future.


I am not talking about spiders or jellyfish anymore. In my case, the most impressive stings I recall are those in the realm of money and love relationships, and both topics have recently stirred their venom in my blood again. Which, admittedly, would have freaked me out a whole lot more in the past. Now, I prefer to surrender. Not by laying back on my bed and doing nothing, but also not by frantically trying to control what’s happening. I am reaching for a middle ground.


It’ll happen anyway.


All I decide to do this time around, is to monitor my initial reactions, and to go with the flow. So sometimes I let an allergy play out by freaking out, by allowing the all-time fear of not being good enough, and by letting the pain take a hold of me. Other times, I feel I don’t have to go that far and I get the feeling my heart will burst with love. I switch between these shapes of awareness like the coming and going of ocean tides.


The sun doesn’t always brighten my day, and the moon doesn’t always enlighten my night, but neither of them will leave my sky.


I have it in me to heal from every and any situations that occurs in my life. As I heal, I can choose to share these lessons with others who feel drawn to my cure. That is what I love to do, most of all, but again: it requires that I do my part (of healing) too.




I started blogging mainly because of my interest in organizational cultures and (online) communications. Over the years it has become my passion to help professionals and entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more miraculous lives.
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