Leaping Or Leaning Forward?

It has been a week of sequels: I published the second video about my exploration of spirituality, and I did a second podcast with Susan de Vriend.

In a way, opening up about spirituality like this feels like a leap for me.


Which is strange because it’s not like I have only now stumbled upon and discovered spirituality. I’ve been on this road of spiritual exploration for many years already. I’ve even been writing about it in my blogs (for instance here and here).


So why the leap? What has changed?


To describe it as well as I can, I feel like I “own” it more. The truth of what spirituality means to me. The day-to-day practice.


Where I used to quote other teachers and “gurus” a lot, I now prefer to figure it out for myself. To question myself, to dive deeper into my personal experiences. That’s the easy part. The hardest part, however, is to then start sharing those discoveries and experiences.


When we hear an expert’s point of view, and we agree with it, it’s usually an easy step to then share that opinion with our own peers and followers. Because that expert already did the hard part of making the first move, and of standing up for her/his opinion. Sharing that opinion can feel like tagging along on an already set course. (Of course there are exceptions when this particular opinion is quite controversial, but you get my drift, right?) But as I am developing my own opinion and truth about spirituality, I will also be the first one to share my findings. I wish I could say that I don’t have to, but part of those findings is that I kind of do. Part of the truth I am discovering is that sharing my spiritual experiences completes them. Scary as it may feel, that’s what I’ll do. Sharing more and more.


My guess is, this is a normal process: starting of by holding the hands of many opinion leaders / “gurus” / experts, then slowly finding our own truth in it.


My hope is, this is exactly how I get to guide the people that will come to the Centre for Conscious Connection. By going through it myself, and by showing them what I’ve learned. It’s more than my hope, it’s my intention to do so!


So why the leaning? (See title.)


Because I am still in the exploration phase of my own truth about spirituality.


To say that I’ve got it all figured out now would undermine my idea of forming a bridge between “normal” life and a more conscious life. I am not there yet either, perhaps it will always feel that way. But I am surely leaning forward, in the direction of a possibly more magical future that lies ahead of me…


So, now that I’ve got that out of the way…back to the video and podcast:





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