It’s A Small Step From Guided To Spirituality

I am in a meadow filled with all kinds of flowers. The sun is shining and the light carries a pinkish haze, whilst a soft breeze makes the temperature perfectly warm.

Looking up, I see fluffy clouds passing by. I am lying on the grass now, wearing a white dress. I get up and lean on my elbows, which is the perfect level to see the seeds of a blowball passing by, gently tickled by the breeze. I get up even more, and I notice two horses who have joined me in this meadow. One is bright white, the other is a pinto.


This is what I see when I close my eyes.


It used to be different. It used to be a lot of blackness. The demons I was fearing to see would be dancing in front of me, screaming nasty stuff in my ears. The more I’d wish them away, the louder they’d get. Until, one day, I decided to let them have their way. They all rushed at me, went over my head, and disappeared behind me. Every once and a while, I catch a glimpse of them, but they now seem to be more afraid of me than I am of them.


This has been my progress in meditation over the past six years.


I meditate daily, and it is how I stay in touch with my spirituality. With Spirit. That may sound bizar, and a bit woo-woo, but to me it’s not. I start with sitting down, closing my eyes, and focusing on my breath. Just like any type of meditation – guided or not – will subscribe. The things I then get to see may change, but the awareness that accompanies them remains the same. It’s a feeling of connectedness. It’s a feeling of never being alone, but always supported by this universal network. A network that connects us all.


In a way, this is what spirituality means to me.


Awareness. A feeling. Something that translates into compassionate behavior. An ability to embrace both the good and the bad that come with Life. The capacity to see the truth behind it all.


This is as much as I’ll write about it today. I do invite you, though, to have your say. What does spirituality mean to you?


To inspire you a tad bit more, I invite you to watch this video:



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