Harvesting The Moon

I wrote this blog post yesterday, the day of the full moon, and in this case also called the Harvest Moon. Remarkable what a full moon can bring (ab)out.

Looking up what others are saying about this particular full moon (online), I noticed there are two main streams: the scientific one, where both the history and astronomical aspects of this full moon are highlighted; the spiritual one (astrology), where the effects on our physical and mental state are being explained.


To quote a source from the scientific side (treehugger.com):


“Each year as summer in the Northern Hemisphere slowly slips into autumn, we have the September and October full moons to shine their luminous light on the change of seasons. When the September full moon occurs closer to the autumnal equinox, which fell on September 22 this year, it’s called the Harvest Moon. But if the October full moon is closer to the date, she takes the title. All full moons are special, but the Harvest Moon has some unique features that make this month’s moon a marvelous must-see.


While all full moons rise at sunset, the fact that the Harvest Moon has a shorter rising lag on successive days means that we get what appears to be a full moon rising near sunset for more days than usual; this gave farmers a “sunset extension” of sorts, which went to good use during the very busy time of harvest.”


To quote a source from the spiritual side (elephantjournal.com):


Balance. Every full moon brings in the need for balance in regards to the energy of the sun and the energy of the moon. While the sun in Libra showcases the need to relate, the moon in Aries speaks of the need to connect to oneself. While the sun in Libra encourages melodious interactions designed to build bridges, the moon in Aries seeks authentic dialogue that may succumb to selfishness, arrogance, and uncooperative behavior in its lower manifestations. Determining where we may have a tendency to favor one side over another in various departments of our lives may be beneficial during this time.”


I am not an astronomer, nor an astrologist. I can only share my personal experience, which is currently the inclination that how I feel right now and this particular full moon may very well be connected.


As I am writing this, I have the urge to hermit and to hide from the outside world. You could say that’s my need to connect to myself (offline). When it comes to my online presence, though, I feel more like reaching out and sharing my voice with the world. You could say that’s where I feel like building bridges.


Speaking of bridges, what the two points of view on the current full moon have in common, is that they both focus on the harvest. The scientific side explains how the “sunset extension” gave farmers more light, and therefore more opportunity to bring in the harvest. The spiritual side speaks of harvesting what we have set out as intentions earlier, during the new moon to be more precise.


Whichever side you prefer, scientific versus spiritual, I guess the one question this full moon invites us to ask is this: what am I harvesting right now? What does my life look like, and do I like it? And: if it’s not to my liking, then what will I sow for the next harvest…?


Wishing you a magical Harvest Moon!


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