When Two Stars Collide

Better buckle up, because she’s here. My business partner, my sister-so-to-speak, has arrived in Biarritz. That means we gotta get crackin’!


In case you’re not fully up to date: I am still working on the Centre for Conscious Connection – though the name might change – but I have met a business partner (Cathy Kwanten) who has been walking around with the same idea for years. She was still living in Belgium, but had also been dreaming about moving to France. It only seemed logic that she moved to Biarritz so we could start working on our Centre together.


After months of searching for an apartment, Cathy arrived yesterday, and is settling into her apartment as we speak.


Obviously, updates on our progress will follow. For now, I’m being creative…


I’ve written a story on our shared blog, “Sister Meet Sister”,  where I used the metaphor of learning surfing to introduce Cathy to this area of France. And to throw in some life lessons…in a big sister kind of way:


Since you’re not here yet, I’d like to take the opportunity to give you some last minute advice. Taken from my own experience, of course. You see, you are moving to the French surfers’ paradise, so there’s a few things you’d like to know in advance. And although I have made only a few attempts at surfing myself, I have studied, listened, and talked to many surfers ever since I first arrived to this area (on holiday) 8 years ago. So I’ve listed some tips that can be used metaphorically — on life in general — but in a literal matter of speaking as well:

When a wave is too high to get over it, dive under it

The first time I went into the water with a surf board, I would try and get over every wave that came at me…

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There’s a song that reminds me of how Cathy and I are taking on this new adventure. Because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and we’ve already had meetings with adversity. Fortunately, we are both born optimists, and always on the look-out for the Silver Lining…



Last, but not least, I felt inspired to write a poem. My way of putting into words what I cannot express in a “normal” way:



That’ll do for today’s conscious connection.


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