…do you wonder where to find time to do something with social media?

…do you feel pressured by all those social media updates from other people?

…are you postponing your online presence because you don’t know where to start?

…did you start, but are you stuck, and perhaps overwhelmed by the many possibilities of social media?


=> every time you turn on your computer, or you go to a social media app on your mobile/tablet, you feel excited about what’s new

=> your messages on social media are created only when you feel inspired

=> when there’s extra time available you schedule a bunch of social media messages, so you’ll have more time for your business

=> you don’t have too many social media accounts, you have exactly enough


With this 1-on-1 program you will learn how to turn social media into a profitable part of your business.

After 3 months, you’ll feel 100% comfortable and authentic online.

1 First Meeting (free of charge)

We’ll get to know each other a bit, and see if there’s a match.

4 Sessions (1 hour each)

This is where the fun starts!

I’ll guide you through the process of:

determining through observation what your stumbling blocks are with regards to social media;

discovering ways to make social media work for you;

setting goals to profit from social media (clients, members, ambassadors, etc.);
making social media an effortless part of your business;

feeling 100% comfortable and authentic online.

2 Social Media accounts

I support you in setting up and managing your account(s), so that you become proficient. I’ll make sure you won’t get lost in the process. By setting up a social media account for you, for instance.

If you’re already set, we can focus more on time saving tricks and creating content that suits you and your business best.


€399,- (VAT excl.)

for getting visible on and comfortable with social media in 3 months.


Payment via Paypal or invoice.
Payment in 3 monthly installments is also possible: €135,- (VAT excl.).


I believe everybody is capable of creating an online identity that makes them more visible and suits them.

Getting comfortable with social media starts with becoming aware of the thresholds that you have created yourself (this is also called mindfulness).


Are you ready to take a look at what’s holding you back?


coach me

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My name is Pauline Siebers. I am the person behind this website, and your potential future coach. As a certified (life) coach, I combine this calling with my experience as a social media consultant.

To me, the Internet operates according to the Law of Attraction: That which you pay attention to will grow. Yet I hear many people say they have no time for social media. Simultaneously, they wonder how they can attain hundreds of followers in no time. Without wanting to spend too much attention, they still have high expectations of their results on social media.

I work a lot with female entrepreneurs, such as the Women Entrepreneur Club, and they often wonder: “Do I really need to do something with social media, and if so, what?”

For me these kind of questions are exactly why I combine social media and coaching. As an anthropologist, the emergence of social media has fascinated me since 2008. After 2010, giving advice to companies on their positioning in social media became part of my job. That experience made me realize that a successful social media strategy is not due to its creator. The success comes from the person who is able to build a relationship with other people on the Internet. Someone who’s visible and comfortable…online.