Social Media & Mindfulness

How do you make social media suit YOU (instead of the other way around)? People tend to have all kinds of assumptions about social media: superficial, too complicated, no privacy, overwhelming, etc. Those can all be true, depending on what you do. You see, the Internet isn't merely a digital place to access, it's also where people of the world's societies gather. Therefore, this class is about creating a human After all, the word ``social`` is in social media!

Peaceful Parenting

Every parent will raise an eyebrow over the word ``peaceful``. Most kids are not known to be peaceful - except for when they're asleep. Still, there's peace to be found in raising children, it just has to come from you. How that works? Well, funny you should ask because that's what this class is all about!

Yoga: Beyond The Mat

Normally speaking, you go to a yoga class, practice yoga and feel zen for 1,5 hour. Only to leave class and get stressed out again. So, in this class we teach you how to implement yoga in your every day life. Remember: yoga isn't just about difficult poses, it's also about breathing through it all. It's about a different state of mind. How about you discover that, even without the yoga mat!

Women Stuff: Finding Your OWN Way

Women are not fully equal to men yet. After the fighting for our rights is over, though, do we know how to be woman (again)? This class starts at the end: when all is said and done, who are you as a woman? Since society has been male dominated for so long, women tend to follow in their footsteps - in business, in politics, in life. What does your life look like when you explore your female strength, and when you do it YOUR way? Let's find out!

Joy: Every Day

Joy is an intrinsic part of every human being. We were born with it, we'll die with it as well. But how to connect to that happy feeling in the meantime? When you're at work? When you're doing the dishes? This class assists you in reconnecting with the Joy that's already inside of you - resulting in a happier, healthier life. Warning: lots of laughter is a common side effect!

Radiant Relationships

Who are you in your relationships? With your husband/wife/partner, colleagues, children, friends...(your)self? Are you aware of your (re)actions in these relationships, and how you contribute to their success? As much as you'd like to point to other people, every relationship starts with you. Which is perfect, because that means you can change it too!

Mindfulness: Beyond Meditation

Either you've tried to meditate yourself, and felt frustrated by it, or you'll know people who say that meditation ``doesn't work``. And they're right: according to the habits of the consumer society we live in, meditation does not work. It's too slow, it requires too much patience. Both meditation and mindfulness ask for a different state of mind. So, before signing up for this class, there's only one question to ask: are you willing to change your state of mind?

Men Stuff: The Manly Way

The days of cavemen are long gone...or are they? What does being a man mean in today's demanding society? Reconnect with your manhood, find out what you're made of. Yes, making fire and chopping wood are part of this!

Easy Gardening (Unless You Prefer Complicated)

Nature is not ``a thing`` outside of us. We ARE nature. Plants and animals basically live and grow the same way we do. Need proof? Connect with them, and you'll know. And don't worry, we'll teach you how to make that connection too.