Conscious Connection is a centre where classes are given on how to add more consciousness to daily situations,

so that happiness becomes part of your everyday life - rather than exceptional to it.

Okay, I'll be honest with you: it will be a centre where these classes are given. As I am writing this down, the centre doesn't physically exist yet. It exists in my mind, though. And since the mind is Conscious Connection's focal point, what goes on in my mind is just as important as any physical appearance. So, according to my mind, this is what the centre looks like:


I believe in a conscious world, a place where everybody is aware of their thoughts,

of the actions that stem from those thoughts, and of the lives that we create through

those thoughts and actions together. It is my mission to make the world aware by

connecting people to their consciousness in a Keep It Simple Stupid way.

That's why I founded Conscious Connection.






NO stress.





How to make every day situations into mindful experiences?

Just pick a class:

Social Media & Mindfulness

How do you make social media suit YOU?

Read more

Yoga: Beyond The Mat

In this class we teach you how to implement yoga in your every day life.

Read more

Men Stuff: The Manly Way

The days of cavemen are long gone…or are they?

Read more

Radiant Relationships

Who are you in your relationships?

Read more

Peaceful Parenting

How this works? Well, funny you should ask because that’s what this class is all about!

Read more

Women Stuff: Finding Your OWN Way

What does your life look like when you explore your female strength, and when you do it YOUR way?

Read more

Easy Gardening

(Unless you prefer complicated gardening.)

Read more

Joy: Every Day

This class assists you in reconnecting with the Joy that’s already inside of you.

Read more

Mindfulness: Beyond Meditation

Before signing up for this class, there’s only one question to ask: are you willing to change your state of mind?

Read more

Take one class, stay for a week or...

do the year program!

FYI: I can already offer most of these classes. I know the teachers (I'll be teaching some myself), all that's left is organizing a time and place. If that inspires you, by the way, please do contact me!


Accommodation is provided at the premises, ranging from luxurious bungalows

(with the appropriate price tag)

to campsite caravans (almost for free).

If you're curious how that works: it's part of the classes.

The campus is self-providing in food, water and electricity.

This is where I'm enjoying myself most: because it's all still in my mind, I can come up with any kind of location! I do have a preference though: I want to start in the South of France, near Biarritz. Since I haven't found a place yet, please let me know if you have an idea.


Chances are, the reason you ended up visiting this page is because:

  • 1.

    • you want to be happy, and to learn how to deal with life’s struggles more easily,
    • AND / OR
  • 2.

    • you’d like to become more self-aware, and learn to be mindful,
    • OR
  • 3.

    • you already practice all of the above, and would like to teach it to others
    • (click here!)

The promise of the centre for Conscious Connection is this:

to help you find a way in being happy and/or mindful that works for YOU.

My heart is pounding out of my chest from writing down this statement! I KNOW how to do this, and I can hardly wait to share it with you!

It will always be a process, so we might as well have some fun with it!

That promise means no standard, no one-monk-fits-all-method.

It means helping you find out what works best.

It means you do the work, you live your life, and the centre for Conscious Connection

teaches you the tips, tricks and tools that create more happiness and/or mindfulness.


  • -,-

    •  // to be announced //
Yes, I agree, it's the first thing I'd like to know about a great offer too. Let me do the math, and I'll get back to you on that.



Well, that would be me. The person typing in these words. Hi.

The process of my awakening to self-awareness started during my burn-out (2012), got fueled by Mary Morrissey’s Dreambuilder program, and led me into becoming a coach myself (2015). I took responsibility for my life, as well as for my choices, and became consciously connected…to me.

Everything I add to the (Centre for) Conscious Connection is based upon my own experiences, wishes, and needs. I literally live through every “thing” that I’d like to be taught at this centre.

The process of how I got to this idea, the lessons I learn, is being documented through my blog posts. You can follow and trace specific topics through the tags of Conscious Connection (formerly named The Mindfulness School), Social Media Coach, dreams, and self-awareness – to name a few.

I hope to consciously connect to you soon!

Creating this page has been so much FUN for me! Feel free to share your feedback, by leaving a comment below.
  • Cathy
    18 April 2017 at 14:24

    Cool Beans, chica!!!

    Kon het zelf niet beter omschrijven en wat het aanbod betreft… dat wordt dus nog uitgebreider. Haha

    Kom ik net al wandelend door de stad, ook nog eens de hele tijd Franstaligen tegen! ;-P

    We’ll make things happen!!! sans doute…

    x Cathy

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