Let’s go back to 2011, my start as a solo entrepreneur. Whilst assisting organizations with their social media monitoring, I discover that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). How am I supposed to match all this sensitivity with a world of technology? A burnout follows.

Okay, so there’s a little bump in the road. I still need to earn money, so I try just about everything to get my working life back on track. Paid employment, part-time jobs, temporary jobs, you name it. Nobody hires me.

For a couple of years I am stuck in the Land of Eternal Search.

My helplessness, my dependency on what others think of me, or want from me, make me feel trapped. As I desperately want to feel free, I decide to let go of everything at once – mentally that is. Education. Let go. Work experience. Let go. Expectations of my environment. Let go. Money. Let go.

Suddenly all is clear: I want to help other people to be happier.

That moment of “discovery”, initiates a process of self-awareness. Gradually, I connect that awareness to everyday things. Social media has been an everyday element in my life for years, but I start looking at it differently. Rather than hiding behind my computer, I now use the Internet to emerge. To show who I am. To test my authenticity.

We jump to 2015. As a social media coach, I pass on my discovery to other women entrepreneurs. I assist these women entrepreneurs in growing their self-confidence when it comes to their online presence – resulting in social media successes. That’s amazing already, but I want to do more.

During the Summer of 2016 I test the waters of Biarritz, South of France, to see if that is really where I need to be. It is. My longing to merge a growth in consciousness with everyday life becomes reality. With each step I show more and more people how to create a meaningful life – because doing so fulfills mine.




Once upon a time, back in 2012, I started blogging due to the conversations I’d had with Dutch and French employees, as well as freelancers, about the way they work.

When talking to these people, what interested me most were the frustrations they uttered about how to keep up with the latest technologies, with changes in working ethics and a financial crisis on top of that. For me, with my Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior, these conversations and observations became a pool of inspiration. I decided to write this down and let other people become inspired as well. Hence: Business Conjunctions – the blog.

By now, my interest hasn’t changed, but my focus has. In accordance with my life’s changes, I’ve started to focus more on personal development and less on the organizations and/or cultures involved.

With regards to the name Business Conjunctions, the first word is obvious in its meaning, but chosen to narrow down the broad level of possible articles and discussions. The focus of this blog is life, viewed from a personal as well as a business perspective (as these two are hard to separate nowadays). The word “conjunction” has the same meanings in English, Dutch, and French and, for the purpose of this blog, I see it as the bringing together of different (organizational) cultures, the alignment of life questions and the connecting of people in general.