How It’s Possibly Done

You know what I love most about blogging? To be able and share my mind’s maze with you. Sharing the thoughts that weren’t so clear before, and discovering new ideas whilst typing. It keeps me grounded, it keeps me sane…

Speaking of sane…do you remember the blog post where I went all spiritual, talking about reincarnation and stuff? If I lost you there, let me try and find you here.


“Every person experiences the Internet and spirituality in her/his own way and at her/his own pace. I’m taking you along in my experience, while remaining “just Pauline”, so you feel less alone in your experience. I’m not telling you how it should be done, I’m showing you how it’s possibly done.”


So here’s an example of how it’s possibly done.


Having opened up those doors of information, on a spiritual level, I now have access to extra knowledge. How to make that “normal”? Well, here’s the thing: just like with any kind of knowledge, getting information isn’t the same as knowing what to do with it. Knowing something isn’t the same as perfect practice. On the contrary, it’s only when putting that information into practice that lessons are learned, and wisdom is gained.


I am currently struggling with a piece of information that gives me heartache. I wish I could say more about it, but when other people are involved I choose to only be authentic about the part I am experiencing – and the current information concerns others too. So now what? Now I live with the information and the pain it gives me. People always try to avoid pain, and so do I, but when you consciously decide to let it be a part of you it becomes endurable.


And that’s what I do. I look the pain in the eye, and ask it questions too. What do you (pain) need? Why am I feeling this? What can I do?


Again, writing this down is part of the process. It reliefs me, and it keeps me accountable of my decision at the same time. That’s how the pain doesn’t drive me mad, that’s how I stay sane. Here too, please note that this is how it works for ME. This isn’t a one-fits-all-method for pain relief. I don’t even know whether it will make the pain go away at all, I am still in the midst of feeling it. I do know this is my way of actually learning from this experience, and I know I can only take this moment NOW as my measuring stick.


So that’s how it’s possibly done.




I started blogging mainly because of my interest in organizational cultures and (online) communications. Over the years it has become my passion to help professionals and entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more miraculous lives.
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