Where Social Media And Spirituality Meet? Here!

The following article was originally written for urbanchicks.nl, in Dutch. I’ve altered the wording somewhat, to make it fit my style here, as well as the English language. But the point I am making in these writings is the same. It might shake you up a little. You may want to buckle up. Ready? Here we go!

Over the past few weeks, I went through a personal and spiritual transformation, and I’ve started to share more and more about it online. My high sensitivity already opens up many spiritual doors, but I usually bridge my experiences to more common language in my writing. Usually, I know how to “sober up” my stories. Not this time, though.


Spirituality As A Normal Part Of Our Existence

Before I dive into the spiritual details, I’d like to share the reason for my story. In addition to the insights I gained about my being here, I realize that just as social media are slowly integrated into our lives, spirituality becomes a normal part of our existence too. A crazy link between two totally different topics? Not for me. Here’s how I see it: the introduction of social media into our daily lives enhances the normality of spirituality. Indeed, both have long been part of human societies, just not with the same names.

In my opinion, we have always had some form of social media. Humanity has always had the need to share information on a large scale. This desire led to, for example, the printing of books. But the technology to make this accessible to everyone, on a global scale, wasn’t always available. Now that the technology is here, though, we can share away (and we do!). The same goes for spirituality. It has always been there, but mostly linked to religions. Now I do not wish to offend anyone’s religious beliefs, but religion and spirituality are not the same. People begin to realize that they do not have to turn to a particular religion (or belief) to experience God. And where I use the word “God”, you may replace it with the Universe, Spirit, Life, Source, or any other word you prefer to use in this context.


Multiple Lives …

Ever since I’ve met my business partner / soulsister Cathy Kwanten, out of the ordinary things have happened. Miraculous to say the least. But these past few weeks broke all the records (so far)! We had already been wondering how it’s possible that a Belgian girl and a Dutch girl, with such different backgrounds, could have so much in common. Last week, the answer arrived: we have shared several lives. Yup, that’s correct. This is not the only life we have lived. Not the first, probably not the last one either. I have known for years that I’ve had previous lives, including who I was at those times, but I never wrote about it. These recent events made me realize how normal that knowledge has become for me, as a part of my daily life, and I decided it was time to write about it publicly. One has to start somewhere.


… And It’s Just Normal

What I am doing here, sharing this spiritual information with you, that’s the link. Because it’s through the Internet that you’re reading this now. And it’s because of the Internet, and social media, that you encounter this kind of information more and more, and that it’s slowly becoming common knowledge. Perhaps you haven’t encountered much of it until now, due to the specific information sources you use – places where no such spiritual news is shared. And you may go back to those places if you find this blog here too uncomfortable. That’s totally fine. On the other hand, though, rest assured that the more you read this kind of spiritual information, the more common it becomes for you. I even think that, eventually, the word “spiritual” will no longer be needed.

You may wonder if I don’t find it scary to share all of this. Yes, of course it’s scary! At least, right now it is. For although some spiritual experiences are already normal to me, sharing them is new. And necessary. To show that you don’t have to be a guru – not in social media, nor in spirituality – to share or experience any of this. Every person experiences the Internet and spirituality in her/his own way and at her/his own pace. I’m taking you along in my experience, while remaining “just Pauline”, so you feel less alone in your experience. I’m not telling you how it should be done, I’m showing you how it’s possibly done.

Again, this is merely the beginning.




I started blogging mainly because of my interest in organizational cultures and (online) communications. Over the years it has become my passion to help professionals and entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more miraculous lives.
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