Dream. Select. Finetune. Repeat.

The newsletters that land in my inbox, the updates I see on Facebook and on Instagram, are the result of selection and finetuning. Based on what I want, because it is ME who gets to decide.

I know many people see the Internet, and social media, as a deprivation of our privacy – let alone that we have a choice in what we come across on our Facebook timeline. I see that too, but I also see the endless opportunities to finetune the information that’s coming at me. A radio has many stations you can listen to, but if you’re not turning the tuning knob you’ll end up hearing the same station all the time.


I am the first to admit that selecting and receiving the online information of your preferences takes a lot of work. No really, A LOT of work.


It seems that Google’s search algorithm, Facebook’s news algorithm and Instagram’s photo feed algorithm (to stick with the previous mentioned examples) are designed to do anything but surprise you. Click on one advertisement, even accidentally, and every next ad is either the same or from a similar product/service/company. Look at one profile “too often” and their updates are all you get to see next. It’s the kind of judgement you’d certainly not wish from your friends: to say one thing, and be reminded of your claim forever after.


Of course, it’s not as black-and-white as that, and the algorithms change when you change your preferences and behavior. That’s why I say that I keep on finetuning. But let’s make one thing clear: it’s us who have to “teach” the algorithms, not the other way around!


Now here comes the unexpected turnaround: I have been setting my preferences to receiving newsletters and updates about fulfilling a dream, about starting a business, about not giving in, and not giving up. Wait, that’s not it.


I’ve been receiving similar articles and updates with the most amazing stories and quotes. I know now there’s a lot of people out there who are basically saying the same thing – however motivating – and I am no different. That’s not it either.


I haven’t been able to read many of those messages lately, so they’ve been piling up in my inbox, and when I did get to read some I noticed a difference: I am LIVING that dream now. Yup, that’s it!


Everything they are claiming, sharing, advising me to do, I am doing. I keep hoping to run into a quote that says something new, and I don’t. Now that’s not meant to sound cocky, and I certainly do not consider myself an expert in business, writing, mindfulness or anything. I have become an expert in testing and practicing, however, and that’s why all those tips and tricks sound so familiar. I’ve either done them, am currently doing it, or have the intention to make it my practice.


What I love, LOVE, about these kind of articles and updates though, are the never-ending inspiring phrases and quotes. No matter how familiar they sound, they keep me going! To give you an idea, here are a few of today’s favorites:


“Those who try living their dream have time to pivot, change direction and refocus on what really fulfills them. They carefully design their lives regardless of social pressures and other constraints. There is no thinking outside the box for them, they don’t have any boxes, period. They set their own rules, try, experiment and end up truly living their dream. They don’t think about the long discovery process. They enjoy the steps because they know they’re on the path to greatness.”

Anna Sabino


“It will never be convenient to be and live how you know you should. If it was convenient, everyone would be living at a much higher level. There would be no internal conflict. Instead, most people are continuing to wait for someone or something outside of them to wake them up or pick them.

It’s not going to happen for those people.

If you want something from life, you have to want it as bad as you want air. And you have to start TODAY.”

Benjamin P. Hardy


“We put a lot of pressure on “purpose”, don’t we? We put it on a pedestal, like it has to be earned through a plethora of impossible tribulations. We live out purpose every day, though. Through being a father, mother, sister, brother, colleague, friend, mentor, husband, wife, or any other role that we are purposed to fulfill, we are carrying it out on a daily basis. Let’s stop getting discouraged when we feel like we don’t do any rewarding work or we feel unproductive at best. The idea that purpose is some achievement is wrong.

You are purposeful. I think the sooner we realize we are fulfilling our purpose every day, the sooner we can get away from this idea that we need to “find” it. Purpose is your daily life. Live it.”

Eric Turner


If anything, please set your online preferences to selecting and tuning into these people and lessons, and start practicing! Because whatever you do with your life, nobody gets to decide but YOU.





I started blogging mainly because of my interest in organizational cultures and (online) communications. Over the years it has become my passion to help professionals and entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more miraculous lives.
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