Interview: “Higher Love: Skiing The Seven Summits”

Some dreams may seem a little more challenging (to many people) than others. How about being the first person to climb and ski the Seven Summits..?

Still, this is exactly what world-class skier Kit DesLauriers has done. Personally, I wouldn’t dream of accomplishing something like that, because of my fear of heights for starters, so it’s good that we all have our own dreams. Moreover, DesLauriers wrote a book about achieving her dream. Spanning seven continents in just two years, Higher Love: Skiing The Seven Summits is Kit’s personal account of the secret journey that would change her heart and her life forever. On top of that, National Geographic named her one of the Adventurers of the Year for 2015.

The book shows how inspiration, teamwork and honoring our true nature blazes the trail to every summit, on or off the mountain. Whether you’re a climber, skier, or adrenaline junkie at heart, Kit’s story is sure to resonate long after the last page, proving that anything can be accomplished with enough heart and drive.

What interested me most about this story was the part of “honoring our true nature”. So, in a small interview, Kit DesLauriers replied to my curiosity:


How did you honor your true nature?
I honored my true nature by continuing to go after the pursuits that meant the most to me even when social convention would have directed me elsewhere.

How did you discover what your true nature was in the first place?
I discovered, and continue to discover, my true nature by being honest with my answers to the personal questions that I ask myself like, “What is it that I really want?” I make sure to sit with the idea of my answer, and the question itself, quite often until I feel strongly that the direction I’m choosing resonates enough for me to be committed to it.

What is her advice for readers who are not sure about their true nature – how can they discover it?
My advice for readers who are not sure about their true nature is to kick off the journey with something as fun as the game I play in the first chapter of my book Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits. Write down everything you want to do in your life, in one minute. Then everything you’d like to do in the next five years, in one minute. Then everything you’d like to do in the next year, in one minute. In three quick minutes, if you let this game stay fast and light and stream of consciousness, you’ll have a sense of what’s important to you. Then you can circle back to spending time on just how important and worthy of action those answers may be.

Kit DesLauriers is a sponsored team athlete for the activewear and outdoor sports gear company The North Face, as well as Dynastar, Smith Sport Optics, Dynafit, and others. But Kit’s not just a world-class athlete. She’s a wife, a mother, and a woman on a mission to serve the planet by raising awareness of climate change and working to preserve and protect the wild habitats that still exist. In her self-appointed role of “planetary park ranger,” DesLauriers devotes her time and expertise to preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, serves on the board for Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Free and is an ambassador for 1% for the Planet and a member of Protect Our Winters Riders Alliance. Also a board member for the American Alpine Club, she lives in Jackson Hole, WY. —


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